Conference in Olomouc (CZ) October 2011

Monday 3rd October 2011 – arrival day

Arrival at the Prague airport Ruzyně. Travel to Olomouc by train (see „Key information“ below).

Check in of participants in the Hotel Flora.

Free evening programme.


Tuesday 4th October 2011 – 1st seminar day

8:30 Meeting in the Hotel Flora lounge

Welcome words and presentation about the Olomouc region – Mr. Michael Fischer,
vice-president of the Olomouc region

Social services in the Olomouc region and their financing – Mrs. Markéta Čožíková, head of Social Affairs Department, Regional Office of the Olomouc region

Project „Transformation in social services“ – Mr. Karel Ryjáček, director of Vincetinum, contributory organisation

Demographic Prognosis in the Czech republic / Olomouc region – Mrs. Jarmila Benešová, Czech statistic office

11:00 Arrival to Nezamyslice – Home „Na Zámku“, c.o. (home for persons with health handicap)

presentation of Mrs. Jiřina Krejčí, director

guided tour

13:30 Arrival to Prostějov – Center of social services Prostějov, c.o. (home for seniors and home with distinctive regime)


presentation of Mr. Mario Buzzi, director

guided tour

Fair – products related to care of project target group (open to all public)

16:30 Arrival to the ZOO Olomouc, Sv. Kopeček

18:30 Dinner in Archa restaurant (next to the ZOO)

21:00 Arrival to the hotel

Wednesday 5th October 2011 – 2nd seminar day

8:00  Departure to the Center Samaritan for homeless people in Olomouc (asylum house)

presentation of Mr. Petr Prinz, director

guided tour

Člověk v tísni (People in need) – presentation – problems of social exclusion, consulting for debtors – Mr. Michal Láš

10:30 Guided tour around historical center of Olomouc

11:45 Departure to Bouzov

12:00 Lunch in Cimbura restaurant situated under castle

13:00 Guided tour in the Bouzov Castle

15:00 Arrival to Loštice – Boarding-house for pensioners, c.o. (protected living for seniors)

presentation of Mr. Ondřej Bernardin Jurečka, director

guided tour

16:45 Arrival to Horizont Bystrovany (Natural Pradise)

University of 3rd age – presentation – PhDr. Naděžda Špatenková, Ph.D., director (Palacky University in Olomouc)

17:45 Workshop, discussion

19:00 Dinner in restaurant Semiramis in Bystrovany (with possible walk in „natural paradise“)

21:00 Arrival to the hotel


Thursday 6 October 2011 – 3rd seminar day

Check out in the hotel in the morning

Luggage will be stored in the bus during the day.


8:00 Hotel Flora lounge

Presentation about events run for disabled persons and persons endangered by social exclusion in Olomouc region – presentation of Miss Romana Sedláčková, Social Affairs Department, Regional Office of the Olomouc region

White circle of security and its volunteers – presentation of Mr. Drahomír Ševčík, head of this civil association

         Home for women and mothers with children in Olomouc – presentation of Mr. Roman Trčka, director

Center of social prevention Olomouc, c.o. – presentation of Mrs. Simona Dohnalová, director

9:15 Arrival to the Center of social prevention Olomouc, c.o. (social services for families with children) – guided tour in 2 groups

10:00 Arrival to Home for women and mothers with children in Olomouc

guided tour

11:00 Departure to the Hotel Arigone – discussion about seminar results

12:10 Lunch in Arigone restaurant

13:30 Departure of participants


You can download original programme here: Conference programme